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Search & Rescue

When a loved one goes missing, you demand every available resource be mobilized to ensure their safe recovery.  With more then 450 years of combined hands-on experience, Merrills Certified K9 Teams have the unique strategic and tactical advantages. Our K9 teams are highly qualified in search incident command, search management and on-the-ground searching in both land and water. MDDS K9 teams build on the best practices developed in the law enforcement sector and use state-of-the-art GPS tracking tools to ensure the effective and most efficient use of their canine resources. Merrills K9 teams arrive at a search assignment informed and equipped to achieve results.

Chris & K9 Federal in Afghanistan
L.E.T.S Certification
L.E.T.S Certification
Chris & K9 Federal in Afghanistan.
L.E.T.S Certification
L.E.T.S Certification
What do our K9 Teams Provide?
  • K9 Teams hold one or more National certifications (L.E.T.S., NNDDA, NAPWDA)

  • Land and Water Certified Teams

  • Nation Wide Coverage

  • The ability to work with Local and Federal Law Enforcement 

  • Qualified, Experienced Dogs & Handlers

  • Rapid Deployment (OCONUS & CONUS)

  • Efficient and Flexible Service

  • Multiple Teams Available

Past and Current Performances:

Multiple OCONUS deployments

  • Afghanistan

  • St. Maarten

  • Saba Island

  • Panama

Multiple CONUS deployments

  • Worked alongside multiple agencies including:

    • Local law enforcement

    • FBI

    • Game wardens

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