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Bed Bug Detection

The use of canines for bed bug detection has quickly become the fastest and most reliable form of bed bug detection on the market and Merrills K9 is a leading competitor! We work hand-in-hand with pest control companies to create a team of experts to help locate, eradicate, and prevent bed bugs from your commercial property or personal residence. MDDS understands bed bugs are a sensitive issue and can affect your business, which is why our services are completely discreet and confidential. We have a number of K9 Teams available to service your commercial property or residence in New England!

K9 Primrose searching a hotel bed.
K9 Bolton checking a bed.
K9 Layla and Handler Wyatt searching a garage.
K9 Primrose searching a perimeter of a house.
K9 Bolton alerting to the presence of Bed Bugs.
K9 Layla searching a vehicle.

Our K9 Detection Teams

  • Are reliable, efficient, dependable, and thorough.

  • K9s can sniff areas where human cannot see - behind headboards, floorboards, outlets, etc.

  • Can provide preventative, proactive inspections along with post treatment inspections.

  • Our handlers have experience in K9 Detection work to include explosives, narcotics, and cadaver.

  • We are NOT exterminators, but can recommend you to a Pest Control Company!


Current and Past Performances:

City of Augusta Municipal Buildings: Monthly inspections of City Hall, Library, Police Department, etc

Schools: Bed Bug Detection of lockers, classrooms, nurses stations, school buses.

Personal Residences: Bed Bug Detection of personal residences and personal vehicles on an as-needed basis

Colleges: Bed Bug Detection for a number of colleges in New England searching dorm rooms

Apartment Complexes: Provides routine sweeps for a number of apartment complexes in the State of Maine

Hotels: Bed Bug Detection for multiple hotels in New England on a weekly / monthly preventative schedule or on an as-needed basis

Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Rehabilitation Centers: Bed Bug Detection on a regular or as needed basis

And Many More!

All Certifications & Training Logs are available upon request
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