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Narcotics Detection

Narcotics detection canines are used in a variety of settings in the fight against drugs! It’s important to Merrills K9 to keep drugs out of your home or commercial property, off your industrial operation, and out of your school or venue. Merrill’s canine teams are certified and held to the highest law enforcement and Department of Defense standards. Our teams partake in on-the-job training and often train with different agencies in order to be the best we can be! We pride ourselves in well-rounded and highly-socialized canines to be able to work in every type of environment!

Bianca & a K9 searching a classroom.
K9 Yara searching a vehicle for drugs.
A K9 alerting on a locker.
Eddie & K9 Tarrant searching for narcotics.
What do our K9 Teams Provide?
  • K9 Teams hold one or more National certifications

  • Nation Wide Coverage

  • Qualified, Experienced Dogs & Handlers

  • Rapid Deployment

  • Efficient and Flexible Service

  • Multiple Teams Available

How is Merrills K9 Different?
  • We hold a DEA License

  • Lengthy selection and training process for all K9s

  • Incredibly social K9s

  • We have a master trainer perform random "tests" in order to maintain top-tier teams

  • We have a great relationship with Local and Federal Law Enforcement 

Current and Past Performances:

U.S. Army Garrison: Narcotics Detection for West Point Military Academy

Irving Woodlands Mills: Narcotics Detection searching parking lots and common areas

Schools: Narcotics Detection for high schools, colleges, and universities

Imagine Music Festival: Narcotics Detection at check points, attendees, vehicle and vendor searches

Nuclear Power Plants & Large Industrial Sites: Narcotics Detection in a variety of settings

All Certifications & Training Logs are available upon request
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