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Merrill's Rivers Edge Retrievers

Quality Detection Dogs


For more than 22 years, we have been working Labrador Retrievers in the Detection Industry. With our proven lines and the shortage of Labs for Detection work, we decided that we need to share the pedigrees of these great dogs and increase the working Labs available to strengthen the countries needs. 

Puppies raised to work


With an extensive background in raising puppies to work for Merrills Detector Dogs, these puppies will be exposed to many environments, have interactions with a variety of people, have independent play to encourage bold, strong workers, and have time spent encouraging hunt and prey drives.

Satisfaction Guaranteed


We take Great pride in matching the pedigrees of some of the top hunting ddogs in the country to produce genetically healthy, strong puppies that are sure to work in any environment. 

Close the Deal


We offer workability and health guarantees.

Aerial view of the property in Kentucky!
New Kennel in the process of being built!

The  kennel will be able to house 20 dogs at a time when finished!

Merrill's Rivers Edge also has a 8 acre pond on the property!

We are excited about our new branch of Merrill's Detector Dog Service and the future of Rivers Edge Labradors! 

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