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Merrill's Rivers Edge Labradors

Merrill's Rivers Edge Retrievers is an brand new extension of Merrill's Detector Dog Service! Merrill's Rivers Edge is based in Smithland, Kentucky on a 92 acre farm which includes a 8 acre pond. Merrill's Rivers Edge is in the process of being transformed into a state of the art training facility and kennel for working Labradors. Merrill's Rivers Edge will be offering top tier seminars and certifications along with becoming the home of our new breeding program! Merrill's Rivers Edge will focusing on working and hunting line Labrador Retrievers! Check out our "upcoming events" page for upcoming seminars and events. You can also stay tuned to see the progress on the new facility on here or on our social media pages!

New Kennel in the process of being built!
Aerial view of the property in Kentucky!
Merrill's Rivers Edge also has a 8 acre pond on the property!

The  kennel will be able to house 20 dogs at a time when finished!


We are excited about our new branch of Merrill's Detector Dog Service and the future of Merrill's Rivers Edge Retrievers! 

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