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Explosive Detection

The use of canines for explosive detection is a necessity for the safety of your business, industrial operation, government facility, event, or venue! MDDS K9 Teams have been deployed across the Nation, the Caribbean, and Afghanistan. Our canine teams undergo extensive one-on-one training, hold National Certifications equivalent to those of Law Enforcement canines, and routinely partake in on-the-job training over the course of several duty periods prior to being placed in service. We also pride ourselves on the fact that our canines are exceptionally well socialized. Our teams are routinely working and training in environments that include crowds of all sizes and ages, various sports facilities and events, numerous resorts and tourist attractions to ensure we can meet the needs of a wide range of clients.

K9s Hunter and Jetty in front of American Airlines Arena
K9 Abbie searching cargo pallets.
Handler Josh and K9s Abbie and Josie at NBA All-Star Weekend 2020
K9 Dexter at the 2020 NBA All-Star Weekend in Chicago
Bianca and K9 Hickory clearing Hard Rock Stadium
K9 Winnie doing a luggage sweep for the Miami Heat
K9 Zora and Chris searching a parking lot
What do our K9 Teams Provide?
  • K9 Teams hold one or more National certifications

  • Nation Wide Coverage

  • Qualified, Experienced Dogs & Handlers

  • Rapid Deployment

  • Efficient and Flexible Service

  • Multiple Teams Available

How is Merrills K9 Different?
  • We hold an ATF License

  • Lengthy selection and training process for all K9s

  • Incredibly social K9s

  • We have a master trainer perform random "tests" in order to maintain top tier teams

  • We have a great relationship with Local and Federal Law Enforcement 

Current and Past Performances

U.S. Army Garrison: Explosive Detection for West Point Military Academy Army Garrisons

American Airlines Arena: Explosive Detection for Miami Heat games and other events

Hard Rock Stadium: Explosive Detection Cargo Screening

National Basketball Association: Explosive Detection for events such as Allstar weekend and the draft

Live Nation: Explosive Detection services for concerts

Port of Charleston: Explosive Detection for cruise ships and cargo facilities

Imagine Music Festival: Explosive Detection at vehicle check points and other various locations

Assorted NBA Teams: Explosive Detection Cargo Screening

All Certifications & Training Logs are available upon request

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