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About Us

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Merrill’s Detector Dog Services, owned and managed by Katherine Heselton, provides discreet K9 detection services in the areas of Explosives, Narcotics, Bed Bugs, and Cadaver Detection. Our services are provided to local Law Enforcement agencies, businesses, educational establishments, Ports of Calls, and other facilities in need of detection services. MDDS K9 Teams have been deployed across the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, and Afghanistan. Our mission is to provide customers with the most reliable and qualified canine handler teams that will consistently exceed the expectations of our customers. Our teams will remain discreet and low profile at all times so as not to draw unnecessary attention to our scent detection assignments. MDDS currently holds an ATF and DEA license. 

Merrill's Detector Dog Services, LLC is a Woman Owned Small Business that is in the process of getting SAFETY Act certified. We emphasize quality of services above all. We match the right K9 with the right handler and we place them in the right setting. Our teams come from a variety of Law Enforcement and Military backgrounds and when Incident Command Support is needed, we have a variety of allies from Federal and Local Government agencies that support us. Reliability is of utmost importance in our teams and we have trainers perform random site visits and give “tests” to our teams to make sure the teams are performing at the top level of K9 detection.

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